Warner Bros. may be delisting games published by Adult Swim

by Danny Craig  · 
Warner Bros. may be delisting games published by Adult Swim
Adult Swim Games

Several developers have revealed that Warner Bros. Discovery, Adult Swim Games' parent company, has contacted various studios with titles published by the company, stating that they will be delisted in 60 days.

The details:

  • On Tuesday, Small Radios Big Televisions developer Owen Deery shared on X that Warner Bros. had informed him that the game would be "retiring" from both Steam and the PlayStation Store, prompting him to make it available for free on his own website.

  • Delisted Games has now spotted that Team2Bit had received a similar notice for its 2013 title Face Puncher. Developer Matt Kain took to Steam to update fans on the situation, stating that WBD had declined to transfer the game to the studio, claiming that it made the "universal decision not to transfer the games back to the original studios and do not have the resources to do so." Kain went on to explain that the process on Steam is extremely simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes using Valve's official tools.

  • WBD, and specifically CEO David Zaslav, has recently come under fire for deciding to focus on live service games despite the underwhelming commercial performance of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. This was further aggravated by its abrupt decision to shutter Rooster Teeth, the company behind the Halo series Red vs. Blue, after 21 years.

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