Virendra Kumar's rainy anime haven uses Blender to evoke Genshin Impact comparisons

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Virendra Kumar's rainy anime haven uses Blender to evoke Genshin Impact comparisons
Virendra Kumar (@CGDASH_ on X)

The r/blender subreddit, a hub for 3D enthusiasts and professionals, was recently impressed by the work of New Delhi-based 3D Artist Virendra Kumar.

His latest creation, a rain-drenched anime-style scene crafted in Blender, garnered admiration for its meticulous attention to detail and atmospheric beauty. The scene, which showcases a quaint building bathed in the soft glow of a rainy setting, stands out for its exquisite use of procedural textures.

Responding to inquiries about his technique, Kumar revealed that while most textures in the scene are procedural, he employed a blend of PBR (Physically Based Rendering) and procedural methods to achieve the realistic yet stylized look of the building and ground.

Intrigued by the texturing process, Reddit users were keen to learn Kumar's secrets to creating such a captivating environment. He explained that the workflow involves breaking down the textures mentally and adding layers for dust, roughness, and highlights, which are critical for matching the lighting and scene requirements.

Kumar also incorporates procedural elements like noise and Voronoi patterns for subtle imperfections, enhancing the authenticity of the scene. A clever use of gradient textures allows him to illuminate the center of the building subtly, drawing the viewer’s eye and adding depth to the composition.

Virendra Kumar

Kumar's scene resonated with viewers beyond mere visual appreciation, with some expressing a desire to use the artwork as a wallpaper, highlighting its aesthetic appeal and calming ambiance.

The shaders, as Kumar pointed out, are crucial in this stylization process, transforming standard textures into the softer, more dreamlike quality reminiscent of watercolor paintings. The lighting, provided by a simple sun lamp set to a strength of one, completes the ambiance, giving life to a scene that's a tranquil slice of anime reality.

As the post continues to attract attention, it serves as a testament to the creative possibilities within Blender and the talent of artists like Kumar who bring such digital reveries to life. You can find him on ArtStation, X, and YouTube under the alias "CG DASH".

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