Valve believes it will be a few years before it releases a Steam Deck successor

by Danny Craig  · 
Valve believes it will be a few years before it releases a Steam Deck successor

Steam Deck coder Pierre-Loup Griffais has confirmed that it will be a while before we see a Steam Deck 2, as the company aims to enhance performance without sacrificing other areas such as battery life.

The details:

  • Griffais told CNBC at the Tokyo Game Show that Valve is now aiming for performance on the Steam Deck to hit a "stable target" that will allow the system to play "all the experiences from this new generation" that are also "great experiences" in terms of performance when compared to traditional desktop and laptop builds. According to the coder, the current device is "pretty good" in terms of overall power, and it is working with developers to gather feedback for any future system improvements.
  • Griffais also stated in an interview with The Verge that it is critical that the Steam Deck provides developers with a "fixed performance target" that allows all systems to play the same games, and that Valve does not want to change the performance of the handheld with future revisions until there is a "significant enough increase" to warrant it. He also stated that the team does not want “more performance to come at a significant cost to power efficiency and battery life,” and that it doesn’t “anticipate such a leap to be possible in the next couple of years.”
  • Since the system's release in 2022, fans have wondered when Valve will release an improved Steam Deck or even an outright successor to the system, particularly a new device with an OLED screen. Some believe that an announcement regarding a revision is just around the corner, as a new piece of Valve hardware with 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity was recently certified in South Korea.

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