Ubisoft is taking action against The Division 2 players for using an exploit to gain XP

by Danny Craig  · 
Ubisoft is taking action against The Division 2 players for using an exploit to gain XP

The team behind The Division 2 has announced that it will be taking further action against players who have utilized an exploit within the game’s new roguelike mode, Descent, to gain "unfair" amounts of XP and SHD levels.

The details:

  • The Division 2 development team confirmed in a new Twitter statement that those caught exploiting the XP glitch within Descent would face a two-week suspension from the game the first time they were caught, with harsher penalties for repeat offenders and permanent bans for those who refused to stop. Any illegitimate progress will be reversed, so those caught abusing the glitch will have nothing to show for it other than the inability to access their accounts for a set period.
  • The glitch involves players joining other players in the Descent game mode via the Ubisoft Connect app when they are not supposed to, allowing them to gain "unfair amounts of XP and SHD levels" that they were not entitled to. The mode is essentially a roguelike mode in which players begin at level one with no gear and must fight through waves of enemies to acquire new weapons, abilities, and perks to construct builds. The mode becomes increasingly difficult as players progress until they are overwhelmed and defeated.
  • While Descent is primarily a standalone mode, it does provide some rewards for the main game at certain milestones. As Reddit user snruff put it, "It's the ridiculous, economy-busting amounts of free materials exploiters received while bumping their SHD level," and it appears that the rest of the game's subreddit agrees, with another user calling the exploit and those who use it a "cancer in the game." Others have begun to claim that they were wrongfully suspended following the announcement, while others have simply agreed to suffer the consequences.

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