Stunning real-time laser: Founder/CEO shows off EmberGen 1.1's capabilities on X

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Stunning real-time laser: Founder/CEO shows off EmberGen 1.1's capabilities on X
EmberGen 1.0.7 by JangaFX

JangaFX, a company founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Nick Seavert, has a flagship product called EmberGen.

It's a real-time volumetric fluid simulation tool that aims to change the way artists and designers create visual effects.

Launched in 2019, the software allows users to generate flipbooks, image sequences, and VDB files, providing a tool specifically tailored to the needs of game developers.

EmberGen attempts to set itself apart from its competitors by focusing on real-time iteration, ease of use, and a comprehensive range of features.

With its flipbook workflow, skilled users can generate game-ready animations in seconds, preview them with the inspector tool, and make changes on the fly.

The software also utilizes the full power of a GPU, allowing users to simulate and render volumetric phenomena in real-time. This enables faster iterations and the ability to generate new variations on the fly, ensuring that the simulation remains consistent each time a project is opened.

EmberGen has now been used in over 200 leading game studios and supports exports to common industry formats, such as VDB and EXR.

The software includes a range of features such as real-time simulations, importing animated meshes, importing cameras, state-of-the-art volume rendering, looping simulations, over 100 preset projects, and a professionally designed UI.

You can try EmberGen for free by visiting the JangaFX website and it's well worth dropping Saevert a follow on X to keep up with its progress. According to him, EmberGen 1.1 is set for release in a 'couple of weeks'.

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