Speed, strategy, and survival: Unleash your inner podracer in upcoming indie title DEATHGRIP

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Speed, strategy, and survival: Unleash your inner podracer in upcoming indie title DEATHGRIP
"DEATHGRIP" by Reclaim Interactive

"DEATHGRIP," a thrilling indie sci-fi combat racer developed by Reclaim Interactive, is now available to wishlist on Steam.

In DEATHGRIP, players have the opportunity to pilot some of the fastest and most lethal hovercrafts ever imagined, racing through natural environments filled with split paths, twists, turns, jumps, shortcuts, and narrow corridors.

With its focus on exhilarating speeds and challenging tracks, DEATHGRIP offers a unique and intense racing experience that sets it apart from other games in the genre.

"DEATHGRIP" by Reclaim Interactive

The game introduces a depth to racing controls that will challenge even the most skilled players, featuring mechanics such as afterburners, pitching, rolling, drifting, repairing, managing heat, and firing weapons.

The base release includes eight unique racers, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, ten distinct tracks, and a range of features such as combat racing, time trials, leaderboards, credits, upgrades, trophies, and ranks.

DEATHGRIP's combat racing feature allows players to outfit their racers with cannons, shotguns, missiles, and countermeasures, transforming the race track into a chaotic battlefield.

DEATHGRIP was recently available in Steam Early Access, with the core game mechanics present, including a selection of racers and tracks, time trial and AI combat race modes, earnable credits, cosmetics, racer upgrades, a player profile with trophies, rank system, and stats tracking, as well as leaderboards that allowed players to race against the ghosts of others.

The Early Access period was used to gather player feedback and make quality-of-life changes, add additional content, and incorporate any final feature suggestions from the community, as seen here:

You can wishlist DEATHGRIP on Steam now and keep up with the game's progress by following Reclaim on X. As it stands, they're still aiming to release it by the end of 2023.

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