Rockstar job listing seemingly confirms animals in GTA 6

by Danny Craig  · 
Rockstar job listing seemingly confirms animals in GTA 6
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The rumors about animals being much more prominent in Grand Theft Auto 6 seem to be correct.

The details:

  • In December 2022, a job posting for "Character - Animal and Creature Artist" in Bangalore, India, appeared on Rockstar's careers site. Despite the fact that the listing does not explicitly state it, the position is likely to be working on the upcoming, highly anticipated GTA entry.
  • The rumor of animals appearing in GTA 6 stems from a leak in September 2022, which revealed that Rockstar intends to expand the variety of wildlife in the GTA universe far beyond the very limited inclusions in V. With the game allegedly set in Miami-inspired Vice City, more exotic creatures such as alligators can be included, drawing inspiration for Red Dead Redemption 2's wide variety. It's also possible that the game expands on the hunting systems found in Red Dead Redemption 2, giving the activity some in-game value.
  • The job description states, "we design, create, and populate the world with the people and creatures that bring the story and play to life, for both our story-driven and online game worlds," so GTA 6's online mode may include some form of wildlife. This could be similar to Red Dead Redemption 2, where all of the creatures from the single-player game also appeared in the multiplayer component, Red Dead Online, which was technically challenging to achieve with the original release of GTA Online in 2013.
  • If you’re skilled in 3D modeling and think you might be a good fit for the Rockstar India team, you can apply for the role here.

Rockstar is hiring elsewhere, too:

  • Not only is Rockstar looking for artists, but the company is also expanding its staff on the business side. A job listing for a communications manager was recently posted on its careers page to manage the launches of its future titles, including GTA 6.
  • A candidate will be required to have over three years of PR experience within the gaming industry. Still, Rockstar is also open to those with five years of experience in the wider entertainment industry.
  • The position is based in its Manhattan headquarters in New York, which means we know the salary range due to the recent salary transparency law passed in NYC. The role pays between $92,900 and $130,000. If it sounds like the right position for you, you can apply here.
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