Palworld's early access roadmap has been revealed

by Danny Craig  · 
Palworld's early access roadmap has been revealed

Pocketpair, the developer of the recent survival hit Palworld, has revealed its roadmap for new content and quality-of-life updates during the game's early access period.

The details:

  • The studio shared the roadmap on X, which begins with a focus on addressing the game’s critical issues such as gameplay bugs, infinite loading screens, and a problem with world dates. Improvements to its AI and key configuration settings are also coming as soon as possible.

  • After the aforementioned fixes, Pocketpair intends to add PvP, end-game content in the form of raid bosses, and crossplay between the Steam and Xbox versions of the game, which will include improving the Xbox version's shortcomings such as player count. New islands, Pals (the game's monsters), and bosses are also in the works, as are improvements to the building systems and the introduction of server migration.

  • Palworld has been a huge success so far, becoming the second most popular game on Steam in terms of concurrent players, surpassing Counter-Strike and Dota 2, and selling seven million copies in under a week. Its success has not been without controversy, with some accusing Pocketpair of stealing Pokemon designs and using AI to create its monsters.

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