OTK launches PC building company Starforge Systems

by Adam Fitch  · 
OTK launches PC building company Starforge Systems

Content creation collective OTK has announced its own PC building company, Starforge Systems.

The company: OTK is diversifying its offering.

  • Starforge Systems is joining the competitive landscape of PC building, utilizing components from brand partners.
  • It'll also produce content by streaming daily on a "partnered Twitch channel with over 3,000 concurrent viewers" before later expanding beyond scheduled content with one-off streams and videos.
  • It believes it will stand out from the competition due to being creator-led, placing emphasis on the quality of the components instead of "marketing" like companies with a similar product offering.

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Starforge Systems

The team: It's full of "industry veterans," according to promotional material.

  • Starforge Sytems will be led by CEO Nick Dankner and CTO Nate Blanchette. According to LinkedIn, Blanchette has been working on the company since March 2022.
  • Mark White will serve as Financial Controller, Ariel Luna as Director of Operations, Elliot Darrow as Director of Customer Experience, and Adam Omar as Director of Warehouse Operations.
  • The company is launching with access to OTK's roster of creators, providing a total follower count of 53M with 2.7B YouTube views and over 5B Twitter impressions in 2021 alone.
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