Mobile publisher Ten Square Games lays off 120 employees and shuts down two games

by Danny Craig  · 
Mobile publisher Ten Square Games lays off 120 employees and shuts down two games
Ten Square Games

Polish publisher Ten Square Games has confirmed it will be cutting 120 jobs as well as canceling two of its games, Undead Clash and Fishing Masters, to cut costs.

The details:

  • According to, the publisher has confirmed that it will cut 25% of its workforce and close two of its newer titles to focus on its existing games, Fishing Clash and Hunting Clash, as well as "preparing for further scaling" of Wings of Heroes.
  • Undead Clash was canceled due to a highly competitive market and high user acquisition costs, according to the company. The company also explained that Fishing Masters was "outside the main area of the company's operations, hence the decision to terminate it in the face of an unstable market situation." The development and operational costs of both games will be written off, with Undead Clash costing PLN 14.3 million ($3.4 million) and Fishing Masters costing PLN 11.4 million ($2.7 million).
  • Andrzej Ilczuk, COO of Ten Square Games, commented on the decision, claiming that "all actions we take are accompanied, above all, by the thought of the future of Ten Square Games" and that "the next few months will allow us to reorganize our activities and prepare for the next phase of development based on the strongest competences of the Ten Square Games team." The company stated in a separate statement that it is still "looking for development projects in the hobby and simulation niche.”
  • Fishing Clash and Hunting Clash have earned $304.6 million and $49.9 million, respectively, according to AppMagic data, while Undead Clash has failed to break the $5,000 mark and Fishing Masters has no revenue information at all.

Other layoffs in 2023:

  • Several notable companies in the tech and gaming industries announced at the start of the year that, due to the current state of the economy, they would be reducing their workforces and shifting their focus to projects that have a proven track record of success. Amazon was one of the largest companies to lay off employees, which has since totaled tens of thousands, laying off over 100 more employees in its gaming division earlier this month.
  • Following a company-wide restructuring, Electronic Arts (EA) laid off approximately 6% of its current workforce at the end of March. The decision affected approximately 775 jobs, adding to previous layoffs at its subsidiaries Respawn Entertainment and Industrial Toys earlier this year.
  • Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) was sold to another North American organization, NRG Esports, which also acquired its League of Legends franchise, with Madison Square Garden Sports becoming a majority shareholder. Employees at CLG were informed that they would be laid off as a result of the sale, except those in its League of Legends vertical. The exact number of people affected is unknown but reports claim that "seemingly all" of its employees were let go.
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