Malmö studios look to recruit 3,500 developers by 2030

by Adam Fitch  · 
Malmö studios look to recruit 3,500 developers by 2030
Game Habitat

A collection of game studios in the Swedish city Malmö have launched a campaign that aims to recruit 3,500 developers by 2030.

Recruitment drive: The campaign is called Welcome Home.

  • The campaign features 20 game studios and is led by Game Habitat.
  • Malmö has a population of over 350,000 people, 1,500 of which are game developers.
  • An official release states that there are expected to be 333% more game developers in the city by 2030.
  • While the city already houses 60 studios and numerous game education programs, it's looking to hire senior talent to match recruitment needs.
  • Hitmarker has 87 Malmö-based job listings open at the time of publication!

Why Malmö? The campaign makes some compelling points.

  • The campaign lists what it considers numerous benefits in hopes of alluring studios and game developers.
  • It states that it's "19% cheaper" to run a business in the city than it is in Berlin, and that apartments there cost half of the price of Berlin and a third of that in central Stockholm.
  • The city provides an "inclusive and welcoming" community with regular meetups between developers for "both social and professional purposes." Not only that, Game Habitat is offering international studios to try out Malmö free of charge for three months.
  • Its official landing page highlights many of the city-based studios and links to their career pages, including Coffee Stain, King, Raw Fury, and Ubisoft Massive.
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