LOUD parent invests in esports betting company Midnite

by Adam Fitch  · 
LOUD parent invests in esports betting company Midnite

The parent company of Brazilian esports brand LOUD has invested in esports betting company Midnite.

The basics: A partnership between LOUD and Midnite is only part of the deal.

  • spacecaps, the parent company of the popular Brazilian brand, has invested an unspecified yet "significant" amount into the esports betting company.
  • The company will actively advise Midnite moving forward, especially regarding matters involving accessing esports fans in Latin America.
  • Another aspect of the relationship between the two companies is Midnite now serving as the first-ever betting partner of LOUD, providing the bookie with direct access to the organization's passionate fan base (which, collectively, is said to be as large as 300M people).
  • The partnership will be activated through 2022 with the production of original content for social media that features many of LOUD's signed influencers.

LOUD and proud: The parent company has its fingers in a lot of pies.

  • LOUD is undoubtedly one of the most popular entities in esports, but the team behind the brand isn't just concentrating on competition.
  • As well as housing players and creators with followers in the millions, it has a sister company named SNACKCLUB that's attempting to reimagine "ownership in gaming" through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).
  • In addition to LOUD and SNACKCLUB, and now Midnite to a degree, spacecaps' portfolio includes marketing agency DRUID, production company SUNDAE, NFT platform DROPULL, Web3 gaming studio MONOMYTO, and 'metaverse development agency' OUTPLAY.
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