InXile Entertainment reportedly working on a new game based on an “established IP”

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InXile Entertainment reportedly working on a new game based on an “established IP”
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Microsoft-owned developer InXile Entertainment is reportedly working on a new game based on an unknown "established IP," possibly different from the previously rumored "Project Cobalt."

The details:

  • Reddit user cat__statue noticed on the LinkedIn profile of George Williams, a former game designer at InXile, that he "provided research and set development for an upcoming video game." According to Williams, the game is still subject to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), so no additional information can be provided other than that it is based on "established IP.”
  • InXile is rumored to be working on two new projects, one of which is codenamed "Project Cobalt." The new game is thought to be unrelated to Project Cobalt and instead could be linked to the Fallout series. Brian Fargo, InXile's CEO and founder, directed the 1988 game Wasteland at Interplay, with InXile developing a sequel that was released over 25 years later in 2014, spawning a third game and remaster in 2020. Fallout is seen as Wasteland’s spiritual successor due to similar post-apocalyptic themes between the two games, with both franchises featuring references to each other over the years. Given that both InXile and Bethesda are now owned by Microsoft, some speculate that InXile could be working on a classic-style Fallout game, possibly a remaster or remake of the first two main titles.
  • Project Cobalt is described as a "Steampunk-style," first-person role-playing game "inspired by Industrial Revolution-inspired tech," with fans to "expect steam engines, zeppelins, retro-futuristic robots, dark Victorian-era streets, and more," with InXile concept artist Aleksander Danilovac sharing what appears to be concept art from the project. It's expected to be a spiritual successor to Arcanum, a 2001 RPG, with the studio hiring Jason Anderson, one of the founders of the now-defunct Troika Games, in 2019. According to a 2020 interview, Unreal Engine 5 will power both of the aforementioned projects.

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