INDUSTRIA Developers Share Progress of Unannounced 'Half-Like' Title

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INDUSTRIA Developers Share Progress of Unannounced 'Half-Like' Title

Bleakmill Games, the indie game development studio celebrated for their atmospheric action FPS title "INDUSTRIA," has recently teased an upcoming unannounced project. While specifics about the game remain limited, the studio has been actively sharing glimpses of their development progress through various social media channels.

What little information has surfaced indicates that Bleakmill is working on a slow-paced narrative first-person shooter (FPS). Notably, the game will incorporate a "Hunt: Showdown style" first-person controller with physics-based mouse interaction for doors and physical objects. The studio has also been in the early stages of testing AI enemy behavior, hinting at challenging adversaries for players.

Given Bleakmill's previous title, "INDUSTRIA," set in Cold War-era East Berlin, there has been speculation about whether the upcoming game might be a sequel. However, no official confirmation regarding the connection between the two titles has been provided. What is clear is that the forthcoming FPS aims to immerse players in a first-person shooter experience reminiscent of the iconic Half-Life series by Valve, often referred to as the "half-like" genre.

The studio has also revealed that their new creation is powered by Unreal Engine 5, promising a visually impressive gaming experience.

Follow developments of the unannounced title here.

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