Hitmarker partners with SafetyWing to support distributed companies and remote workers

by Danny Craig  · 
Hitmarker partners with SafetyWing to support distributed companies and remote workers

Hitmarker, the world’s leading video game job platform, and SafetyWing, a pioneer in health insurance for companies with remote workers, today announced a significant strategic partnership to support the many companies and candidates operating remotely in the games industry.

The details:

  • The two companies have agreed to bring SafetyWing’s new Remote Health plan to Hitmarker’s audience of business leaders, hiring managers, and job seekers in the games industry. This comprehensive insurance package provides health coverage in over 175 countries.

  • This marks SafetyWing’s first official partnership in gaming, an industry where remote working has continued to grow since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020.

  • The aim of the partnership is to showcase the benefits of SafetyWing’s Remote Health plan to businesses that might not otherwise be able to offer their remote workers the same set of benefits as those working from the company’s home country.

  • In the same way that offering remote working is how some companies attract the best talent, Hitmarker and SafetyWing are hoping that offering a global health benefits package will bring a similar advantage.

The quotes:

  • “As more and more companies lean into the remote-working model, it’s important that steps are also taken to ensure remote employees have access to the same set of benefits as their colleagues,” commented Richard Huggan, Managing Director at Hitmarker. “SafetyWing is an expert in this matter, being a remote-first team themselves and launching their company well before working from home was as prevalent as it is now.”

  • “The gaming industry is in an exciting place right now. Many remote-first and hybrid companies are working harder than ever to develop cutting-edge gaming technology. The last thing they need to hinder this innovation is sorting out the complexities of health insurance across multiple countries, “ added Tom Kissane, Head of Partner Success at SafetyWing. “We're excited to partner with Hitmarker as a single source of truth for employees' health insurance needs in over 175 countries. We're enthusiastic about bringing the same creativity and innovation that the gaming industry is renowned for to health insurance.”

  • “When you think about some the vacancies that are hardest to fill—the senior level positions and the more technical roles—it’s easy to understand why some companies make these positions remote to attract the broadest number of candidates possible. We see a comprehensive set of benefits for remote employees as the next evolution of that, in how businesses will set themselves apart from competitors and attract the very best talent,” concluded Huggan.

What is SafetyWing, and what does it offer?

  • SafetyWing is a tech startup that was founded in Norway and is now headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Fittingly, it’s a fully distributed team itself with more than 150 employees spread across the globe.

  • The company was founded in 2017 and, in April of this year, closed a $35 million Series B investment round to continue expanding its global health insurance product suite.

  • SafetyWing’s latest Remote Health package allows companies with a global workforce to add their employees from any of 175+ eligible countries to the same coverage plan.

  • Staff members on different contract types can be added or removed from the plan as needed, making it a truly flexible—and global—solution for companies with a fully or partially remote team.

  • SafetyWing also has a Remote Health package available to individuals, should they be independent contractors or not have a healthcare package via their employer. This coverage also extends to 175+ countries, meaning remote workers can live, travel, and move as they please with the same health plan.

Throughout the partnership, Hitmarker will integrate SafetyWing within its platform, produce collaborative content about SafetyWing’s Remote Health insurance products, advertise it on its social media channels, and run interactive events with SafetyWing through its Discord server.

You can learn more about SafetyWing and the Remote Health plan here.

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