Great North Shelter 2: A bewildering walking simulator

by Rachel Lyon  · 
Great North Shelter 2: A bewildering walking simulator

Great North Shelter 2 is a walking simulator that has the three S's that we always look for in games: surreal, spooky, and silly! The title in development by Renderville Games seems to be a sequel to a game that never existed, and that fits with the theme, honestly.

The game is truly bizarre, containing unusual game mechanics, surprising interactions, and a Stanley Parable-esque humor that contradicts the paranormal encounters. You play as a fearless female protagonist on a mission to uncover the truth and unearth the dark secrets behind the strange park. In an attempt to piece together the lives and biographies of the vanished inhabitants, you must be careful to make it out with your own sanity!

Great North Shelter 2

The developers have openly stated that the unusual game mechanics are "designed to troll and surprise you", filling the atmospheric walking simulator with laughter and bewilderment, as well as suspense. To fully uncover the park's secrets you must leave no stone unturned, and no angle unchecked.

Great North Shelter 2 strikes a perfect blend of comedy and horror, maintaining a dark and emotionally spellbinding atmosphere while allowing the players to interact with a myriad of objects set to delight. These interactive, strange, and mysterious objects are key to progressing the story, so be prepared for surprises, shocks, and shivers throughout the experience.

If you dare to uncover the truth in Great North Shelter 2, the mind-bending game is set for a Q3 2023 release on Steam and currently has a 20-minute demo that players can get their hands on here.

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