From meme to mobile game: "This Is Fine" dog douses flames in new Unity creation

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From meme to mobile game: "This Is Fine" dog douses flames in new Unity creation
"This is Fine" by Andris Gauracs

Amidst the digital canvas of memes that color the internet, Andris Gauracs, a senior software engineer, videographer, and burgeoning game designer has elevated the art of meme culture into the gaming sphere.

His latest creation, "This Is Fine: The Game" is a free Unity-based mobile title inspired by cartoonist KC Green's widely recognized "This Is Fine" comic strip.

The game places players in the metaphorical paws of the placid canine protagonist, tasking them with extinguishing relentless fires using coffee cups as their ammunition.

"This is Fine" by Andris Gauracs

The fan project, which took Gauracs approximately four months to develop, aims to capture the chaotic yet comical spirit of the original meme.

Further demonstrating his commitment to the craft, Gauracs has released a comprehensive breakdown of the game's production, offering fans and fellow developers alike a glimpse into the meticulous process of game design.

From character development to scene setup, Gauracs details his journey on his YouTube channel, providing a valuable resource for aspiring game designers. Here's the (thoroughly entertaining) video:

The game, which cleverly capitalizes on the charm of its meme origins, is now available for download on Android and iOS platforms. It invites players to immerse themselves in the endearing yet surreal world of a meme-turned-mobile gaming sensation.

Gauracs himself has a beautiful personal website and is well worth a follow on LinkedIn, Instagram, and X.

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