Forza Motorsport's Career Mode is always online

by Danny Craig  · 
Forza Motorsport's Career Mode is always online

It has been confirmed that the career mode in the latest Forza title will require an internet connection at all times due to progression being tied to its online services.

The details:

  • Turn 10 gave us a better look at what to expect from the game's single-player career mode in the Forza Monthly stream for June 2023, including the bad news that it will require players to be online at all times. Chris Esaki, the game's creative director, explained that while some modes, such as Free Play, will be available offline, the rest of the game, including its career mode, dubbed the Builders Cup, will require a persistent internet connection.
  • "The game has been designed to easily adjust and add new content over time, and that's really to ensure a fair and secure experience anywhere in the game," Esaki said. "Any progression in the game will be stored on our servers to support the integrity of the overall game experience. And there are options to play offline, so things like free play are always available. But any progression requires an online connection." The Builders Cup will mark the first time that new content will be added to a Forza career mode, with cars and tracks being added, as well as new improvements to Drivatars to reflect changes made to the original player's vehicles.
  • The previous two Gran Turismo titles, Sport and 7, also required players to be connected to its servers to store save files and to ensure that no one was cheating by progressing through the game illegitimately by modifying any statistics. It's unclear whether Turn 10 will stick to the online requirements in the future, or if a future patch will offer some sort of alternative, allowing those with unstable connections to experience the locked-down portion of the game.

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