Final Fantasy VII mobile game Ever Crisis is getting a closed beta

by Danny Craig  · 
Final Fantasy VII mobile game Ever Crisis is getting a closed beta
Square Enix

Square Enix has finally shown off Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis and announced that the game is now open for pre-registration, with a closed beta coming in July.

The details:

  • Ever Crisis, a free-to-play mobile title that recaps the events of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII series, received a new trailer shown at Summer Game Fest, giving us a look at the game's gameplay. In the overworld, characters will use chibi-style characters with full-body models during battle, with combat similar to that of the original FF7's active-time battle system.
  • The game not only adapts the events of the now-defunct 2004 mobile game Before Crisis, but also FF7, Advent Children, Crisis Core, Dirge of Cerberus, and The First Soldier, which was shut down earlier this year. The trailer states that "we still don't know Sephiroth," implying that we'll learn more about the Masamune-wielding antagonist.
  • Pre-registration is now open on the official website between June 8 and 29, with the closed beta scheduled to take place between July 6 and 13, exclusively on Android devices. The beta's content is unknown, but Square Enix has stated that players will be able to access the game "thoroughly" for testing. Some of the quests, dungeons, and even the battle tower may appear in the final release.

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