Fans criticize Valve for Counter-Strike 2’s optimization issues

by Danny Craig  · 
Fans criticize Valve for Counter-Strike 2’s optimization issues

Counter-Strike 2 has finally arrived, completely replacing the decade-old Global Offensive, but some fans are experiencing performance issues and others are unable to run the new version.

The details:

  • First announced in March, CS2 is the long-awaited update to CS:GO that moves the classic tactical shooter series over to the Source 2 engine while allowing fans to transfer their expensive skin and sticker collections over to the latest entry. Valve has changed many elements with the new engine, such as reworking maps, implementing better audio, revamping all visuals, and even adding new smoke mechanics.
  • Although most appear to be enjoying the large update, some have taken to the game's Steam store page to alert Valve of some major issues. One of the most discussed issues is the game's performance, with some reporting significant FPS drops and stutters that were absent in CS:GO even on high-end PCs, while others have been completely locked out of playing due to the higher system requirements, even though one of the game's main draws was its ability to run well on low-end systems.
  • Although those with low-end PCs may still be able to play the game, Mac users have been left with a completely inaccessible CS2 after Valve pushed the update to all systems, despite being aware that the major release, unlike CS:GO, lacks support for Apple devices. This means that those who spent time and money on the original game can no longer access anything directly, and it appears that Valve will not be releasing a Mac version anytime soon.
  • Another major complaint is that Valve has completely blocked access to CS:GO. One reviewer even refers to Valve's decision to force update the game rather than release a brand new title as pulling an "Activision-Blizzard," with the Steam store page containing millions of positive reviews from the CS:GO era that some see as deceptive.

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