Electronic Arts is seeking a Graphic Designer for Madden Ultimate Team

by Danny Craig  ·  Updated 
Electronic Arts is seeking a Graphic Designer for Madden Ultimate Team
Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) is currently seeking a talented graphic designer to join their team to work on the Madden franchise.

The details:

  • A job listing has appeared seeking an experienced designer to work on the graphic assets for Madden’s Ultimate Team mode. Responsibilities include “creating themes for programs that reflect the brand” and “designing content around the audience of Madden”.
  • The position does require some experience, however, with two or more years of track record in graphic design and a bachelor’s degree in design, marketing, or related studies. It’s also mentioned that those looking to apply do not require any gaming or NFL knowledge, but we expect that the gaming knowledge would be an advantage.
  • If you tick the boxes and think you’re a perfect fit, you can check out the full listing for the role here.

What else is going on at EA?

  • EA Sports’ new soccer game will no longer bear the FIFA name with its title currently being “EA Sports FC.” This comes after EA failed to reach a licensing agreement with FIFA back in May 2022. The partnership stretched all the way back to 1993’s FIFA International Soccer, so it’ll be quite strange seeing what is commonly referred to as “FIFA” no longer using the governing body’s name.
  • In typical online gaming fashion, Madden players were recently treated with finding out their franchise mode save files had been corrupted following the implementation of a fix to resolve the connection issues many players were facing. In a post to the official forums, an EA representative stated that if players had logged into the franchise league whilst connection issues were ongoing, their save files had become corrupted due to a “data storage issue.” In the same post, it was also confirmed that the Madden team has since projected that only 40% of affected save files will be recovered.
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