DICE Designer creates Video Game Concept for The Mandalorian

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DICE Designer creates Video Game Concept for The Mandalorian

Gavin Marshall, also known as GavMakesGames and a UI Technical Designer at DICE, recently showcased a series of impressive mockups for a non-existent game based on The Mandalorian. These concept designs include the title screen, menus, user interface, locations, character armor, and more.

Gavin Marshall

Using a combination of Figma and Photoshop, Gavin set up the fake screenshots with carefully crafted layouts. For the art assets, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Substance 3D were employed, while Blender and Unreal Engine were used to create some of the 3D scenes. Additionally, the creator utilized Midjourney to generate certain "background mockups" for the project. The result is a captivating glimpse into what could be an exciting Mandalorian game, although it remains a concept for now.

The Mandalorian fan community has been buzzing with excitement over these mockups, expressing their enthusiasm for a potential real-world adaptation. While there are no official plans for a Mandalorian game at the moment, the passion and dedication exhibited by GavMakesGames in bringing this concept to life certainly pique the interest of both gamers and Star Wars enthusiasts alike.

You can follow more of Gavin's concepts here.

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