Here's a chance to prove you're a Destiny lore master

by Cam Brierley  · 
Here's a chance to prove you're a Destiny lore master

Bungie, the developer of Destiny and Destiny 2, has posted a unique internship opportunity that will have fans of the franchise racing to apply. The role, titled ‘Destiny Historian Intern’, requires somebody with an inside-out knowledge of the Destiny universe to support the game’s narrative team in the stories they tell.

The details:

  • All of those hours you’ve spent immersing yourself in the Destiny universe are about to pay off — Bungie is searching for an intern with immaculate game knowledge to help the studio continue building a compelling world for its players.

  • The internship, open to anyone studying at a US college or university, will run for 12 weeks during Summer 2023, with a start date in either May or June. The only asterisk is that you’ll need to be returning to school upon completion of the internship.

  • The aim of the internship is to support the narrative team’s storytelling. You’ll do this by serving as a subject expert and answering questions; putting together documentation on different characters, locations, and story arcs; and making sure that all in-game stories remain consistent.

  • We’re a job platform at our core so we can attest to this: opportunities with such a direct focus on a game’s lore, that have so few hard requirements, are extremely rare to come by. This will be a competitive role that will be flooded with applications, so get yours in fast.

The requirements:

Interested in putting your Destiny knowledge to the test and being directly involved in Bungie’s creation process? Here’s what you’ll need.

  • Bungie is looking for someone with excellent written and verbal communication. This is no surprise considering the responsibilities are all about relaying elements of Destiny’s lore to the wider team.

  • You’ll also need to be able to take feedback well. This is an internship, after all, and an experience that you should leave knowing more than you came in with.

  • Strong research skills are paramount. You’ll likely already have these if you enjoy digging into a game’s lore, but you’ll also need to be able to discern a reliable source from an unreliable one.

  • And finally, you’ll need to be able to demonstrate a complete knowledge of the Destiny universe. You’ll be an expert among people who already live and breathe Destiny, so being able to showcase this is the most important requirement of the lot.

Are you already dreaming up ways in which you can show off your Destiny expertise to Bungie? Check out the full job description and submit your application here.

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