Creator "Everything CG" produces lovely stylized rain VFX with Houdini & Octane Render

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Creator "Everything CG" produces lovely stylized rain VFX with Houdini & Octane Render
"Stylized Rain VFX" by Everything CG

"Everything CG," a renowned CGI/VFX artist and graphics developer, has added another captivating project to their series of impressive Houdini-powered simulations.

The latest creation is a highly detailed stylized rain VFX, showcasing the artist's adeptness in creating dynamic natural phenomena.

This particular VFX is a composite of three separate effects: particle-based falling raindrops, procedural splashes, and water ripples. The water ripples are particularly noteworthy, achieved through geometry displacement and foam generation, which adds a level of realism to the simulation.

The entire setup was accomplished using Houdini 19.5 and rendered to perfection with Octane Render, demonstrating Everything CG's proficiency with these advanced tools.

In an effort to share knowledge and inspire other aspiring artists, Everything CG has provided a detailed breakdown of the VFX on their website.

This breakdown offers insight into the creative process, detailing how each element of the rain VFX was meticulously set up in Houdini.

For those interested in diving deeper into the project, Everything CG has made the project files available for download via their Patreon page.

This accessibility not only showcases the artist's commitment to the CGI/VFX community but also serves as a valuable resource for learning and exploration.

Beyond this latest stylized rain VFX, Everything CG has a portfolio full of remarkable projects, such as the above, each demonstrating a unique blend of creativity and technical skill. Interested individuals are encouraged to explore more of these projects on Everything CG's X and YouTube accounts.

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