Capcom COO wants players to pay more than $70 for their games

by Danny Craig  · 
Capcom COO wants players to pay more than $70 for their games

Capcom COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto has stated that fans should expect to pay more than the current $70 price tag for full-priced games in the future due to rising development costs.

The details:

  • Tsujimoto recently told Nikkei that he believes the overall cost of gaming software is too low when compared to current development costs. The COO stated that developing new games is “100 times more costly” than it was during the era of the original Famicom, but despite this, industry-standard full-price games have only seen a small increase in cost in recent years, from $60 to $70.
  • Tsujimoto went on to explain that an increase would help address increasing salaries for employees across the industry, as well as the high costs of developing games, which can take years and millions of dollars in investment funds to complete. The executive did not elaborate on future game price points, but we could see games costing as much as $100 in years to come.
  • Even though creating games is expensive, the cost of playing them is, in some cases, the lowest it has ever been. With titles going on sale just a few months after their initial release and subscription services like Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus becoming more popular than ever, fans can dive into hundreds of new and older releases for a fraction of the $70 price tag associated with a single AAA game. Xbox, in particular, has continued to offer its most popular titles, such as Starfield, on Game Pass from day one.

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