Call of Duty's DMZ mode will no longer receive updates

by Danny Craig  · 
Call of Duty's DMZ mode will no longer receive updates

Activision has confirmed that the Modern Warfare II extraction mode, DMZ, will no longer be updated and will not be available in MW3.

The details:

  • The announcement was made in a blog post covering the upcoming changes and new content for MW3's first season, confirming that DMZ will not be integrated into the latest title nor will it receive any new additions, effectively putting the nail in the coffin for Infinity Ward's experimental mode.

  • Those who wish to continue playing the mode can do so through MW2, but it's worth noting that time spent in the mode will not progress the new MW3 battle pass, and new weapons, skins, and bundles will not be available in DMZ in the future.

  • DMZ was Activision's attempt to capitalize on the success of titles such as Escape From Tarkov by putting a casual spin on the extraction shooter genre. The main criticisms of the mode centered on the difficulty of its AI, connection issues that were never addressed, and the fact that most of the loot was used for quests and could not be stored.

  • The Zombies mode in MW3 is a direct continuation of DMZ in that it places players in an open world with the goal of looting gear, completing quests, killing hordes of the undead and AI soldiers, and escaping before the gas covers the playable area. With Treyarch developing the next COD title, it's unlikely that we'll see this format return next year.

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