Apex Legends breaks its 500k player count record

by Danny Craig  · 
Apex Legends breaks its 500k player count record
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The player count for Respawn’s Apex Legends has hit a new high following the launch of Season 16: Revelry.

The details:

  • With the release of Season 16 of the battle royale game Revelry, the title’s previous concurrent player record of 511,676 has been surpassed by almost 100,000, with an all-time peak of 610,433 players online according to SteamDB.
  • The old record was set on August 4, 2022, just days before the release of Season 14: Hunted. Since then, the player count has been on a notable decline, hitting 349,798 on December 22, down from 412,961 towards the end of November. Currently, the game is still maintaining high counts, with 550,319 players in-game as of the time of writing.
  • Season 16 brought a considerable number of changes to Apex Legends, including new categories for the game’s 23 legends that feature new class perks, a new gun called the Nemesis, and most notably, a long-awaited team deathmatch game mode. You can read the full patch notes here.

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