AlterMesh: A Plugin That Handles Blender's Geometry Nodes within Unreal Engine

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AlterMesh: A Plugin That Handles Blender's Geometry Nodes within Unreal Engine
Aechmea Studios

Aechmea Studios has announced the upcoming release of AlterMesh 2.0, the latest version of a plugin designed to handle Blender's Geometry Nodes within Unreal Engine. The highly anticipated update is scheduled for launch in November 2023.

AlterMesh 2.0 promises to provide enhanced functionality, allowing developers to harness the power of Geometry Nodes seamlessly in Unreal Engine, during runtime or cinematic production.

Geometry Nodes, a feature typically exclusive to Blender, offer detailed geometric information at the current shading point within a 3D environment. AlterMesh, a plugin developed by Aechmea Studios, enables users to extend this capability to Unreal Engine.

The upcoming AlterMesh 2.0 introduces several noteworthy features, including real-time preview, the use of Blueprints as Geometry inputs, integration with foliage and instancing, programmable parameter settings, and comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and example generators.

Aechmea Studios, known for its work on indie games such as "Ghost of a Tale," "Paper Beast," and "Epistory," is offering a flexible pricing model for AlterMesh 2.0. For non-commercial or personal projects, the plugin is available for free, with the option for users to contribute as they see fit.

Meanwhile, commercial projects can access the plugin for a fixed fee of $99 USD, which includes access to the source code. With the forthcoming AlterMesh 2.0 release, developers can look forward to an enhanced and cost-effective tool for incorporating Geometry Nodes into their Unreal Engine projects.

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