All of the winners from the 2022 New York Game Awards

by Danny Craig  · 
All of the winners from the 2022 New York Game Awards
New York Videogame Critics Circle

The New York Videogame Critics Circle (NYVGCC) announced the winners of its 12th annual New York Game Awards on January 17.

Here's a list of all the winners, as well as a recap of some other announcements from the show:

The winners:

  • Joltin’ Joe Award for Best Esports Player of the Year
    • Masaya “aMSa” Chikamoto (Smash Bros. Melee player)
  • A-Train Award for Best Mobile Game
    • Marvel Snap
  • Central Park Children’s Zoo Award for Best Kids Game
    • Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • Freedom Tower Award for Best Remake
    • The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe
  • Statue of Liberty Award for Best World
    • Elden Ring
  • Off Broadway Award for Best Indie Game
    • Vampire Survivors
  • Herman Melville Award for Best Writing in a Game
    • God of War Ragnarök
  • Knickerbocker Award for Best Games Journalism
    • Vanity Fair's Justin Heckert
  • Elizabeth Jennings Graham Award for Best Educator
    • Ryan O'Callaghan
  • Coney Island Dreamland Award for Best AR/VR Game
    • Moss: Book II
  • Great White Way Award for Best Acting in a Game
    • Manon Gage as Marissa Marcel in Immortality
  • Tin Pan Alley Award for Best Music in a Game
    • Metal: Hellsinger
  • Andrew Yoon Legend Award Recipient
    • Phil Spencer
  • Chumley’s Speakeasy Award for Best Hidden Gem
    • Signalis
  • NYC GWB Award for Best DLC
    • Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
  • Big Apple Award for Best Game of the Year
    • Elden Ring

What else was announced at the show?

  • 8-bit turn-based JRPG 8-Bit Adventures 2 was the first announcement, with a release date of January 31, 2023. Developed by Critical Games, the indie title is heavily inspired by NES, SNES, and PS1-era RPGs, and will be available on all platforms. You can check out the Steam store page if you want to wishlist the title or play the free demo.
  • A new VR experience, Studio 54 VR, created for the AltspaceVR platform, premiered at the award show’s afterparty. The experience is built around the legendary Studio 54 nightclub (now a theater) in Manhattan, New York. You can watch the trailer on Twitter.
  • 2020’s beat ‘em up RPG hybrid Treachery in Beatdown City is receiving an updated "Ultra Remix" version on April 23, 2023, for its release on all major platforms. The update will include eight new maps, over 80 new enemy types, additional mechanics, and new music, totaling between six and eight hours of extra content. Its intention is to bring the game up to par with the vision the developers originally had for the game before constraints got in the way. Check out the brand-new trailer.

For those of you who missed the show, you can watch the entire NYVGCC broadcast on IGN’s YouTube channel here.

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