A stunning sci-fi planet biome environment created in Unreal Engine 5

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A stunning sci-fi planet biome environment created in Unreal Engine 5

3D Environment and Technical Artist Kimmo Kaunela, based in Turku, Finland, has unveiled an early glimpse of his latest creation—a stunning sci-fi planet biome environment. Using Unreal Engine 5, Kaunela showcases his expertise in foliage interaction, wind simulation, scattering, and foliage placement. With a focus on a captivating "jungle" area, this project promises to transport gamers to an immersive and visually striking world.

In addition to his latest sci-fi planet biome environment, Kaunela regularly develops high-quality 3D assets for Unreal Engine. His previous work includes the creation of an "Advanced Rock Pack," featuring 115 meticulously crafted rock models. This versatile pack allows game developers to effortlessly design caves, cliffs, and mountains, with customizable features such as layered materials and dynamic color variations—transforming the aesthetic from desert to forest themes with ease. He has also developed a complete environment pack for creating post-apocalyptic cities. The pack has over 650+ models, building blueprints, cars, 50+ blueprints that speed up level creation, a dynamic time of day system with rain options and an example map with optimized lighting and landscape.

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