A Highly-Realistic Tropical Rainforest Demo in Unreal Engine 5.2

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A Highly-Realistic Tropical Rainforest Demo in Unreal Engine 5.2
MAWI United

MAWI United, a company known for its expertise in crafting game environments, has recently unveiled an impressive demo of a tropical rainforest biome created in Unreal Engine 5.2. One of the standout features of the demo is the implementation of full high Nanite foliage, Lumen, and Virtual Shadow Maps. Nanite technology is at the heart of this project, ensuring that all assets, including trees, plants, rocks, and debris, boast high-resolution Nanite meshes, contributing to stunning visuals that rival next-gen graphics.

The demo includes some of MAWI's marketplace assets, one of which provides a complete forest biome solution that includes over 140 different plant and tree assets, as well as various debris elements. Every aspect of the environment, from trees to rocks and plants, has been professionally scanned using photogrammetry techniques to ensure authenticity and attention to detail. The ground material automatically generates six different surface types, including forest, meadow, moss, stones, dirt, and mud. Additionally, procedural puddles and wetness functions add a layer of complexity and authenticity to the environment.

The Forest Biome Demo boasts an extensive asset list, featuring over 190 high-quality AAA assets. This includes various tree and plant species, rocks, debris, ground cover, particle systems, blueprints, and more. With such an extensive library, creators have a wide array of resources at their disposal to bring their virtual rainforest visions to life.

You can download the demo here.

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