Virtual Reload provides a complete e-sports training and competitive experience. Our goal is to revolutionize the amateur esports talent development model. Virtual Reload is committed to improving lives for employees and customers alike. Leadership development programs, coaching, and after school programs will instill skills into everyone connected to Virtual Reload.

Are you a well established League Of Legends player looking to become a coach and join an organization of like minded professionals and utilize your skills to make some extra money? Virtual Reload is currently looking to fill out our roster of gaming coaches with a League Of Legends coach. You must have the following skills and be expected to fulfill the following tasks:

  • Conduct yourself with integrity and honesty and perform your coaching duties while adhering to the Virtual Reload five core values: Team building, Professionalism, Elevating others, Valuing education, Creating wealth
  • Have achieved the rank of Diamond 3 or higher in two or more seasons
  • You must have solid active listening skills, customer service and soft skills, be able to relay pertinent game instruction, and provide valuable feedback on your clients performance.
  • You should be able to teach skills and techniques pertinent to League Of Legends and set goals and benchmarks for improvement for your clients
  • Maintain availability for scheduling multiple coaching sessions each week
  • Demonstrate an enthusiasm for esports and instill a desire from improvement in your clients
  • Provide excellent customer service

At Virtual Reload, we believe in elevating others. Therefore, as a coach at Virtual Reload, you will receive:

  • Email address
  • Custom BIO - providing additional brand support
  • Flexible Booking scheduling - built around YOUR availability
  • Customer Portal/Service - INCLUDED!
  • Supportive Compensation Plan - we ALWAYS put you first
  • 90 Day review period to get direct feedback from your POV
  • Personalized leadership development and mentoring
  • The full support of industry professionals

As well as Coach centered Paid Ads, and the ability to have featured blog entries, Youtube featured videos, and funneled advertisements for your coaching services!

As a coach your clients will be looking to you to take them to the next level. You represent the most highly skilled LEAGUE OF LEGENDS players and therefore should have the talent and experience to back that up. We are looking for a League Of Legends player who has achieved the following rank: DIAMOND 3 or better.

If you are interested in joining an up and coming esports company composed of passionate esports professionals, all while making money and sharing your love for gaming, please apply today and join us in bringing esports to the fore!

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