What will it be like? Couple of questions for you :

  • Is a career as a technical artist is something you would be interested in pursuing? Looking to be trained?

  • You will be working on an exciting new project using our cutting-edge Snowdrop engine, which powers games such as The Division 2, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, and Star Wars.

  • Do you consider yourself a gamer at heart ?

  • Are you curious, obsessed and self-motivated about technical visual quality and games?

  • Are you open to new ideas, and you constantly aspire to push your work to the highest possible level and still think its never enough?

  • Do you have strong verbal and written communication skills to be able to share your knowledge with the rest of the team?

We have created a multi-month onboarding program designed for anyone in VFX, mobile or casual gaming, or Feature Animation industry can join Ubisoft and work on our biggest games.

Join us and develop skills like:

  • Scripting to streamline the games pipeline;

  • Procedural solutions;

  • Creative development with props, gameplay assets, vfx, lighting and all our engine tools;

  • Optimize the pipelines and tools in development to improve creativity;

  • Assist the team in researching and exploring innovative technology;

  • Review game design concepts and identity risk.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for developing and delivering game features in a specific domain, such as animation, lighting, or VFX.;

  • Work autonomously within a multidisciplinary team, using your artistic and technical skills to realize high quality benchmarks that are optimized and respect the technical constraints;

  • Use the best tools and methods to develop and maintain production pipelines that improve and facilitate the graphic workload;

  • Document the development and give training sessions to ensure that every team member uses the tools, methods, and constraints correctly;

  • Integrate, validate, and optimize content data in the engine.


Have a minimum of 1 - 3 years of experience in the film, mobile game/app, or comparable industry. Preferably you have a combination of 3D art training with a good technical knowledge, using and customizing DCCs for modelling, node-based workflow, procedural content, and texture creation.

Favourable Experience/Bonus points (not required - But we can teach that too !):

  • Knowledge of scripting languages such as Blueprint, Python or C#;

  • Game engine knowledge and experience (proprietary and/or Unreal or Unity);

  • Familiarity with shader programming languages such as HLSL, GLSL, or CG;

  • Ability to create and implement visual effects such as particle systems and shaders.

Additional Information

What to send our way:

  • Demo real showing any technical work (e.g., shader, rigging, vfx, tools etc...).

  • You can also share a 3D file of your work (Maya, Blender, 3D max...).

  • Attach samples or send us a link to your personal website.