Your daily tasks:

  • Independent creation of narrative content (story, scene and dialogue writing, creating interesting characters, co-creating the "lore" of the game and making additional narrative assets,
  • Creating non-linear stories and constructing emotional choices relevant to the game flow,
  • Creating multi-dimensional characters that follow and fit into the plot guidelines. Skilful selection of traits, motivations, conflicts, reliable psychological situations and personality transformation processes of the heroes,
  • Creating credible elements of the represented world (history, sociology, psychology, economics, politics, geography, languages etc.),
  • Creating documentation about the presented world (a World Bible),
  • Mentoring support for other team members,
  • Providing feedback to other team members.

You meet our expectations if you have the following:

  • At least five years of experience working on AAA games,
  • Extensive knowledge of contemporary and classic games, films and literary works,
  • Understanding the game development process (from concept through implementation, testing, to maintenance),
  • Knowledge about the specifics of work related to all teams in the production structure (artists, designers, animators, etc.) and understanding the principle of cooperation with these teams at various stages of the project,
  • Ability to use Polish and English at an advanced level,
  • Ability to freely use many linguistic styles, using a wide range of stylistic means,
  • Being able to independently create engaging stories, taking into account the assumptions of the project: theme, tone, mechanics, gameplay and other elements of the game,
  • Knowledge of various forms of narration (including non-linear ones),
  • Knowledge about the rules of building a drama (hero, conflict, obstacles),
  • Knowledge of the rules of staging (using space, images, movement, staging characters, building relationships, storytelling).