Getting onboard Razer will place you on a global mission to revolutionize the way the world games. Razer is a place to do great work, offering you the opportunity to make an impact globally while working across a global team located across 5 continents. Razer is also a great place to work, providing you the unique, gamer-centric #LifeAtRazer experience that will put you in an accelerated growth, both personally and professionally.

Job Responsibilities :

The Community Specialist is responsible for implementing the Razer’s social media strategy across social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Instagram, etc) and at events.

  • Grow Razer’s social user base at an exponential rate and manage day-to-day communications on owned social media channels.
  • Develop and manage audiences (likes, subscriptions) for Razer’s social media pages.
  • Coordinate and assist with regional (US/Canada) organic and paid strategies across social media for sustained growth and engagement.
  • Monitor customer feedback on social networking sites, participate in online conversations and report findings to management.
  • Plan and develop regional and global engaging, timely, and relevant content across multiple social media channels, including events coverage.
  • Assist with planning editorial calendar and posting of content to social media according to calendar.
  • Be the Razer community ambassador that engages with fans at events and/or tradeshows.
  • Coordinate the setup for production of social media content (studio, office, and/or events).
  • Coordinate with internal and external teams and offer social media support to wider organizational marketing efforts.
  • Analyze metrics from social media campaigns to optimize future campaigns. Conduct ongoing analysis and reporting of team and channel performance data and make strategic suggestions for improvement.
  • Ensure that social media campaigns and results meet objectives and budget.
  • Other duties as assigned

Pre-Requisites :

Bachelor’s degree in Communications, Marketing, Digital Media or PR or equivalent work experience.

  • 1-2 years’ experience in building and managing social media accounts for a brand.
  • Great communication and influence skills, as well as experience in educating others on social media best practices.
  • Understanding of social media best practices, online marketing, and engagement techniques.
  • Experience in the use of social media management and analytical tools/software and editorial content calendaring.
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment, focusing on generating business results.
  • Ability to work with global teams across multiple cultures.
  • Ability to work under pressure and manage multiple activities at the same time
  • Gamer and gaming knowledge is required.
  • Comfortable presenting on camera and in front of live audiences.

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