RAID Studios is a comprehensive publishing support partner specializing in esport, community building, and creative services within the games industry. We work with game developers, publishers, and brands worldwide, delivering S-Tier third-party services for PC, Console, and Mobile. Founded in 2017 by industry veterans, we are rapidly expanding our team with roles opening up in Dublin and remote.

Our preference for this role is for candidates resident in Ireland, but we are also open to applicants resident within the EU and UK. We do not have relocation packages available for this role.

We're looking for an enthusiastic, driven, and ambitious Character Illustrator to join our creative team. You'll work with our teams on exciting new projects, helping us launch new global game titles from some of the world's most renowned Triple-A developers and publishers.


  • Create bespoke art around established characters and brands.

  • Supporting illustrations suitable for motion graphics and video editing.

  • Supporting the creation of assets for social media.

  • Working with our wider creative team on a range of client requests.


  • You're a gamer, and you enjoy Massively Multiplayer games.

  • You speak fluent English.

  • A strong foundation in art, including anatomy, character drawing and illustration.

  • A strong sense of composition, colour values and visual storytelling.

  • Experience in Photoshop or other 2D digital software.

  • Experience working within a team of creatives.

Worth knowing! We want someone who will be able to pop off in this role. You'll get to work on some of the most exciting projects in the games industry.

We encourage every team member to be bold and never avoid trying new things. Jumping on trends is great, but we also want to set some of those trends.

Some hints to help you stand out!

Try to provide a short, snappy, to-the-point CV that gives a snapshot of your background and achievements. You must include a cover letter that goes into great detail about who YOU are. We want to know what you stand for and what motivates you!

What to include in your CV

We like CVs to be short and to the point, so please do keep your CV to a single page if possible.

We are most interested in hearing about these points:

  • What you've worked on.

  • What you've achieved.

What to include in your Cover Letter

For this role, it's important that you provide us with a link to your portfolio or attach it as part of your cover letter.

Please use your Cover Letter as an opportunity to tell us about you and what you're passionate about. Whether that's baking cakes, ranking up in your favourite games or raising an army of puppies, we want to know! Tell us about the games you play, why you love those games and what some of the most memorable experiences you have ever had in gaming are.

Also, please take this opportunity to tell us about any experience you have in the creative world not listed as a requirement of this role. For example, do you have experience with 3D modelling, graphic design, and video editing? Have you worked with traditional art mediums such as comic books or stylised art? Your cover letter will be the most important part of the first step of our application process, so please take the time to send us a great representation of yourself.