*This is a hybrid remote position in EU*

As a Cinematographer, you will be a member of our in-house production team, filming all of our different esports disciplines. You will work closely with our pre-production and production specialists to create different video projects.

Your projects will range from vlog to commercials, interviews, documentary and more. Since you’re dedicated to the art of filming, your creative work will not be limited, you can come up with different techniques, lighting schemes, use non-standard lenses, etc.

The ideal candidate will be an experienced and creative cinematographer with his own vision and sense of appropriateness of stylization for a certain project.

You will need good organizational skills and a collaborative production workflow. You should always know what condition your equipment is in, that it is ready for shooting and will allow you to record the desired shot. You must be able to work not on schedule and have strong communication and problem-solving skills to handle our daily challenges.


  • Be able to listen and understand the tasks from the creative department/director, as well as to convey your opinion and embody it;

  • Translate your creative vision and skills to compelling story that captivates the audience;

  • Understand and evaluate what set of equipment you need to implement the current project;

  • Get the most out of a location with lighting and proper shooting angles;

  • Work with a team across the world and in different time zones;

  • Regular travel to LAN-events with full content coverage;

  • ASAP upload the filmed material for further transfer to the editing process;

  • Make great content!


  • 2+ years of experience in the film and entertainment industry;

  • Deep knowledge of the Sony/Blackmagic systems, be able to work with accessories for them;

  • Be interested in the film/visual industry, have a base of references in your mind;

  • Experience working with different kinds of cloud services and network drives;

  • Interest in the esports and entertainment industry (especially Valorant & CS:GO);

  • Experience meeting deadlines and communicating clearly;

  • Fluent in English.

We offer:

  • Competitive fixed salary based on the interview results;

  • Fully paid vacation and sick leaves;

  • Full travel compensation;

  • -50% discount in;

  • Friendly and creative environment.