This job listing expired on Apr 5, 2022

With multiple awards to our name, Larian Studios has proven that weโ€™re dedicated to delivering high-quality role-playing games. Having great internal tracking / crash reporting tools are one of the most important tools of a developer. This is where you come in.


  • Extend and maintain our internal data collecting tools. This ranges from logs, performance data and crashes.
  • Setup automated build jobs for worldtesters and automated tests.
  • Write tools to process, digest and present crash data, test result data, performance data in interactive websites
  • Extend and maintain our internal localization and voice recording pipeline management


  • Minimum 2 years industry experience
  • Good knowledge of full stack web programming (Nodejs, MySQL, javascript)
  • Good knowledge of databases/RDBMs. Database optimization and normalization should be second nature
  • Good knowledge of Jenkins
  • Good knowledge of scripting languages like C++, Ruby or Python
  • Experience in scripting
  • Readiness to experiment with new technologies and software to meet development requirements and limitations
  • Good communication skills in spoken/written English
  • You are a team player and willing to take responsibility

Nice to Have

  • Experience in QA in software and tools
  • Experience in a similar position in another game company

We are looking for highly motivated individuals with ever-evolving skillsets and passion for player experience. If you want to contribute to making amazing RPG experiences, we would love to hear from you.