The Animator is responsible for developing and setting up rigs, skinning characters and assets and creating tools that improve the production’s workflow. He/she works in close collaboration with modelers and animators to ensure that there are no technical problems met, or hindering of the work of other team members.

Job Responsibilities

  • Recognize proper mesh topology as well as repair and/or give feedback to the 3D modelers on mesh creation, UV’s, blendshapes, and textures.
  • Rigging and skinning of the characters to meet the needs of stakeholders within the team (i.e. animators, artist, technical art)
  • Collaborate with technical artist and tool programmers to create tools that increase the effectiveness of the production’s workflow;
  • Manage the Cinematic pipeline from Motion Builder to Maya to Unreal.
  • Own the setup and maintenance of the Unreal Sequencer pipeline and any custom tools required.


  • Advance experience with Maya
  • Intermediate knowledge of 3DMax
  • Understanding of FAC System
  • Experience with IK setup, set driven keys, Mel scripting, and Python.
  • Experience with motion capture data cleanup.
  • Experience with Motion Builder.
  • Ability to problem solve technical rigging issues.
  • Good sense of body mechanics and proportions.
  • Experience in rigging a character.
  • Experience with rigging quadpeds, creatures.
  • Experience using Unreal’s sequencer and some intermediate knowledge of blueprints.
  • Experience working with performance and optimization on Console a plus.
  • Houdini experience is a plus.
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