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Your primary responsibility will be to maintain and revise a language dictionary, ensuring accurate and context-based classifications. You will leverage your knowledge of the language and associated culture to update the dictionary & rule book and adapt them to the evolving trends in natural language use. By incorporating feedback and analyzing data, you will contribute to the continuous improvement of language rules and classifications. Your role will play a vital part in maintaining the accuracy and relevance of the language dictionary in line with the evolving linguistic landscape.


  • Maintain language dictionaries and rule databases for accurate and context-based classifications, leveraging language and cultural knowledge.

  • Stay updated on Internet lingo and natural speech evolution in the language.

  • Categorize terms, sentences, and patterns according to agreed-upon definitions.

  • Incorporate feedback to continuously evolve language rules.

  • Build rules and groupings of words based on semantic and morphological factors.

  • Review data to ensure accurate classification and make necessary rule adjustments.

  • Analyze data to identify trends and develop plans for classification improvement.

  • Add vocabulary based on requests, feedback, global issues, current events, and emerging trends.

  • Perform audits and labeling to assist in AI training and data analysis.

  • Collaborate with project stakeholders to address questions and community-related issues.

  • Contribute to the development of new methods for detecting content aimed at circumventing content moderation.



  • You have excellent Arabic language skills, especially in writing. You can communicate fluently and confidently in Arabic at a C1-C2 level – Levantine Arabic would be the best.

  • You have excellent English language skills (both written and spoken) and can use it daily to interact with your colleagues. Keywords is a global and diverse company, so English is the common language for collaboration.

  • You are located in Canada.

  • You are familiar with Microsoft Office Suite and Google Suite apps and can use them effectively.

  • You are communicative and outgoing, so you like to share your ideas with others.

  • You enjoy working in a team, but are autonomous and capable of driving your own work as well.

  • You have strong critical thinking & decision-making skills.

  • You understand that Trust & Safety roles imply being exposed to unpleasant content at times.

  • You are ready to work full-time, 5 days a week, which may include different shifts (afternoon/evening)


  • Proficient understanding and communication of grammar, syntax, and cultural specificities governing the usage of the language.

  • Ability to develop and execute plans autonomously, adhering to constrained timelines.

  • Skill in researching and documenting pertinent cultural information into a knowledge repository, with a particular enjoyment for research-related tasks.

  • Capable of presenting observations and information in a clear and digestible format through reports, presentations, and documents.

  • Persistent and creative problem-solving abilities.


  • Proficiency in languages other than Arabic and English.

  • Additional experience in moderation, either professionally or as a hobby.

  • Experience and interest in video games with a preference for multiplayer games, and active participation in community activities such as clans, leagues, or guilds.

  • Studies in cultural fields for the locale, such as sociology, ethics, education, anthropology, etc., are advantageous.

  • Bonus points for experiences in inclusivity, child protection, and legal protection.


  • Full-time schedule, plus employee benefits, including health and dental care, when eligible.

  • Partnerships with STM, Telus, and BIXI (among others).

  • Employee Assistance Program.


  1. You send us your application with the resume.

  2. After reviewing your candidacy, we invite you to our online language assessment (Dutch and English) to better evaluate your written skills. Our language test will require typing, so we would encourage you to take it on a computer and make sure you have the keyboard in your language settings to facilitate its completion. Check your inbox to find the test invitation and keep your phone close!

  3. If you successfully pass the test - we’ll invite you for the online Interview via MS Teams with one of our recruiters. It’s a perfect chance to exchange questions and get to know each other better. For some projects there might be a second interview with a Team Lead or an Operations Manager.

  4. At the end of our journey - hopefully you will receive an offer and become our new Keywordian! Our recruitment process is fully online and remote. We value each application and review every candidate individually.

Our recruitment team will get back to you as soon as they can to inform you about the status of your candidacy. If you're interested in joining our team, we highly encourage you to apply.

That would be it from us - now we are waiting for your move!