Are you excited to work on the code that is central to developing and shipping Destiny and our other games? Would you like to apply your expertise in dissecting complex connections to the core of our content build system? 

As a Senior Engineer at Bungie, you will work on our in-house content build system, improving, debugging, and supporting the code for everyone on Destiny and more. You'll be optimizing parallel, distributed performance and scaling characteristics when processing terabytes of source content using dependency graphs with hundreds of millions of nodes! As a part of our Central Tech team, you'll work closely with engineers and content creators alike to improve their workflows and deliver content to players.


  • Collaborate daily with your team to craft robust, performant, and maintainable C++ and C# code
  • Navigate our software architecture to extend, repair, and document systems as necessary
  • Mentor other engineers who are working within the content system
  • Support the use of the system by content creators and engineers alike, identifying and fixing issues and inefficiencies
  • Help translate team goals into actionable plans, often through independent, but team-aligned, projects


  • Understand, build, explain, and document complex and interconnected systems
  • Proficiency with a compiled programming language such as C# and C++
  • Effectively communicate with fellow engineers to jointly design, write, and review code, by driving team consensus and alignment

Most Bungie employees and contractors will adopt a digital first approach allowing remote work in Bungie approved locations (outside of positions identified as 100% onsite in Bellevue/Seattle, or individuals preferring a hybrid/flex environment). Prospective employees located outside of CA, FL, IL, NC, OR, TX, or WA will need to establish residency in one of the states we are compliant in within 45 days of a start date. Bungie’s remote policy is subject to change at the company’s discretion.