At Bungie, we take pride in how Test helps deliver amazing experiences to our players. We accomplish this by fostering a collaborative but critical environment where QA has an equal seat at the table alongside all of the other development disciplines.

As a Senior Test Manager, you will establish and oversee cohesive test coverage by collaborating with cross-discipline peers throughout all phases of development including post-ship. You will be responsible for a large complex holistic area and will carefully plan a unified approach months or years in advance to build a cohesive player experience. In this role you will work with cross-discipline senior leadership peers and test leadership to help establish test best practices and establish KPIs for holding your area's testers accountable to the expectations you will set. You will have a deep impact on the way test approaches planning and testing for your area, how we collect and leverage data, how we partner with SDETs to leverage automation, and how we sustainably ship and support a live service game. The Destiny 2 development teams are dedicated to creating the game in a sustainable and healthy way and you will be a critical part of realizing that vision.

You will lead the conversation with your cross-discipline senior leadership peers on how to mitigate complex project risks and deliver the most value to your players. Together with your Production, Engineering, and Design peers, you will craft robust future-facing strategies for consistently and sustainably delivering your area's holistic content while pivoting and evolving those strategies to meet ongoing needs. Senior Test Manager roles include management and leadership of full-time Senior Test Leads and Test Leads to ensure proper coverage for the large scope of your area's combined work. Bungie’s Senior Test Managers will need to thoughtfully and carefully delegate large areas and complex feature oversight and ownership as they lead via holistic preemptive planning and strategy.


Leadership & Strategy

  • Work with the Test Director to help design, prioritize, and execute the plan for building our quality assurance team for sustainable and efficient game development

  • Build test and staffing strategies that align with your project team's business goals and scale effectively into post-launch

  • Establish and maintain quality assurance standards and practices attuned to the needs of the business (engineered approach, automation, data validation, value-based testing)

  • Track and utilize data to inform both our short- and long-term test strategies

  • Create a holistic test strategies for your area that takes into account our co-dev and automation processes and goals

  • Works with cross disciplines peers to develop team wide processes that support healthy, sustainable, and transparent development


  • Actively manage and mentor the Senior Test Leads and their reports in your areas including regular 1:1s, goal setting, and growth planning

  • Collaborate with the Test People Manager to establish and iterate on an early-in-career training and development program for new Test FTEs

  • Equip reports and managers in your org with the tools and training for supporting healthy and effective teams

  • Develop a comprehensive succession plan for all areas within your org

  • Contribute to the refinement of our hiring process with the goal of building skilled teams with diverse perspectives

  • Understand and track organizational health risks in your areas and build strategies for solving them


  • Work with the Test Director and other Senior Test Managers to define and push craft excellence within the test org

  • Establish working processes for the test org that support our goals of sustainable, efficient, and transparent testing

  • Develop training initiatives and mentorships that grow capabilities across the team

  • Partner with our SDET team to build tools and automation strategies that make us a more effective test team

  • Coordinate with cross-discipline peers to ensure our processes are collaborative and well integrated


  • Strong desire to grow yourself and your teams while constantly evolving your approach and processes

  • Proven ability to guide the test efforts of multiple areas across multiple releases from concept to post-launch of a release

  • Experience identifying and implementing teamwide processes and technology/tools that make development more efficient

  • Experience directly managing multiple Senior Test Leads and managing test orgs of 20+ FTE testers

  • Exemplary communication skills, outstanding analytical skills, and high attention to detail

  • Commitment to the principles of humble servant leadership

  • Passion for gathering and utilizing data to better inform our test and closing strategies


  • Experience developing robust onboarding and training programs for early-in-career Test hires

  • Experience hiring full-time test engineers and test leads

Most Bungie full-time employees will adopt a digital first approach allowing remote work in Bungie approved locations (outside of positions identified as 100% onsite in Bellevue/Seattle, or individuals preferring a hybrid/flex environment). Prospective full-time employees located outside of CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IL, MA, MD, MN, NC, NJ, NY, OR, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, or WI will need to establish residency in one of the states we are compliant in within 45 days of a start date. Contractors will follow a digital first approach adhering to the location guidelines agreed upon by our third-party employer/vendor and Bungie. Bungie’s remote policy is subject to change at the company’s discretion.