12 Discord servers that game devs should join


Discord is a great tool to find people with similar interests, hobbies, and professions as you, so we wanted to list some of the best game dev-focused Discord servers around. There are lots of great communities with game development at their core, so if you've been looking for some fellow game programmers, we're sure you'll find them in this list!

1. Hitmarker

We have to start this off with our own Discord, but this isn't just a shameless plug — promise! We're Hitmarker, the largest video game job platform, and we have a vibrant and active Discord server where our community chats daily and regularly share advice. We have lots of game developers, software developers, and other industry professionals making up our community, so there's always something new to learn! We also run regular events on the server, from networking sessions to game nights to educational masterclasses.

In short, it's the place that anyone interested in the video game industry should be. Join us and say hello: we're a friendly bunch!

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2. Game Dev Network

Game Dev Network is a server focused entirely on game development, with an active community across its conversational and work-based channels. People regularly share advice, whether that's to do with jobs, code, or game dev tools, and there are dedicated channels for each of the major game engines. They even have a channel for finding game jams or people to jam with!

A short introductory message is required upon joining to unlock the ability to send messages in the server.

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3. Unreal Source

Unreal Source is a server exclusively for people that use Unreal Engine and is therefore very detailed. From audio to cinematics, to DevOps, physics, and plugins, the channel list is well segmented so that if you have a specific issue or question, you can easily pose it to the server's large community. Since there's no 'official' Unreal Discord server, we'd recommend joining this one if you regularly use Unreal Engine.

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4. The official Unity Discord

The official Unity Discord server is well worth joining if you regularly work within the engine. There are channels to share code, ask questions about Unity, find game jams, and talk about the gaming industry. There aren't many social channels, so if that's a big requirement for the servers you belong to then we'd recommend joining some of the others in this list too.

The server has a 10-minute wait period before you'll be able to see all of the channels. Once this time has elapsed, you'll be able to role-react to reveal the whole server.

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5. Game Dev League

Game Dev League is a general game dev Discord server, meaning you'll be able to discuss specific engines like Unity, Unreal, GameMaker, and Godot. There are also a few social channels, along with game jam channels where you can find events to participate in.

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6. The Developer Safe Place

The Developer Safe Place is a server where developers can access resources and events related to a variety of programming languages, such as coding challenges, written guides, and even active dedicated help channels. You can also relax and chat in the main social area, share project updates, and even receive personalized coaching from David, the server's owner, who is experienced in the tech industry.

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7. r/gamedev

The official Discord for the r/gamedev Reddit community, this server has single channels relating to the major game engines, social and meme areas, promote-your-stuff channels as well as a few voice channels.

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8. Canadian Game Devs

Here's a more local community for our Canadian game developers! There are advice and social channels in the server, as well as some region-specific ones for the different provinces within Canada.

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9. IGDA (International Game Developers Association)

The International Game Developers Association is a non-profit organization focused on game development, and its public Discord server has channels to share work, pose questions, chat socially, and discuss industry news.

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10. The Programmer's Hangout

The Programmer's Hangout is a broader programming Discord server, which means it's not focused on game development like most of the others on this list. There is an active game dev channel in the server, however, and you'll be talking to a large number of people that share your interests. There are dedicated channels for each major programming language, making it easy to ask for and share knowledge with the server's community.

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11. Chill Game Devs

Back to the game dev-specific servers, and Chill Game Devs is a smaller Discord community where you can speak to fellow developers, share work, and chat socially to those involved in the same discipline as you.

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12. Unity Developer Community

Unity Developer Community is a Discord server dedicated to, well, you guessed it: Unity! There's a social area, as well as in-depth channels about the different processes and uses of Unity for you to speak in detail about the game engine. It's worth noting that this is not the official Unity server, but it does still have an active community.

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That concludes our list! 12 Discord servers for game developers. We hope one of these matches what you're looking for and you're able to meet lots of great people through it.

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