What does "ADS" mean in gaming? Explained


What does ADS stand for?

ADS is an abbreviation of the term “aim/aiming down sights” and is most commonly used in first-person shooter games like Call of Duty and Battlefield.

It’s also sometimes used (albeit incorrectly) by MMO players to refer to mobs of additional enemies that spawn in boss fights or tough encounters. If you’re using the word in that sense, then type ‘adds’ instead (short for additional enemies).

Why should I aim down sights?

Most guns in FPS games provide the ability to either shoot without using the sights of a gun (hip-firing) or by using the weapon’s sights (aiming down sights). Hip-firing, in most instances, has poor accuracy and is only used as a last resort, whereas aiming down sights will improve the grouping of your shots and give you a better view of your target.

Aiming down sights in COD will make all bullets land exactly where the sight is pointing.

When shouldn't I ADS?

The answer to this varies between games, but generally you should only not use your sights (and hip-fire instead) in very close-range situations. While hip-firing has less accuracy, it’s something you can do instantly and, hey, if the enemy is directly in front of you, then who’s really counting for accuracy?

VALORANT even slows down a gun’s rate of fire in ADS to encourage it in long range gunfights only. So whatever game you’re playing, make sure you practice aiming down sight and hip-firing to be prepared for all possible encounters.