The PlayStation 5 Pro is reportedly in development

by Danny Craig  · 
The PlayStation 5 Pro is reportedly in development

According to insider Tom Henderson, sources have confirmed that a PlayStation 5 (PS5) Pro console is currently in the works, and will likely arrive in 2024.

The details:

  • Sony is working on a PS5 Pro, which could be released as soon as "late 2024," according to Insider Gaming’s sources. This news comes months after reports that a new PS5 model would enter production as a replacement for the console's current standard models by the end of 2023, complete with a detachable disk drive in an attempt to reduce manufacturing and shipping costs globally. The PS5 Pro is said to be a completely separate console from that rumored model, as many believed the Pro would not be released anytime soon.
  • Sony has released revisions to its consoles since the original PlayStation, which received the smaller PS One model. It has since provided a slim model of its consoles a few years into their lifecycles, but with the PS4, we saw the introduction of a more powerful Pro version, which allowed players to play titles in 4K resolution. With the PS5 now in its third full year on the market, an improved model would not have come as a surprise; however, the console suffered from worldwide shortages, with many fans only getting their hands on the console for retail prices at the start of this year.
  • The specific improvements the console will make are unknown, but we can expect the standard boosts in overall speed, graphical performance, and power as a result. Twitter user @Onion00048 also spotted that PS5 architect Mark Cerny had filed a patent for systems that allow for "accelerated ray tracing," which could be introduced with the Pro.

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