Roku files patent to display ads on its TVs even when using a console

by Danny Craig  · 
Roku files patent to display ads on its TVs even when using a console

Roku, a TV streaming company, has filed a new patent that, if granted, will allow it to begin displaying advertisements on paused HDMI devices such as game consoles.

The details:

  • Roku, best known for its streaming devices that include a variety of TV and movie apps, has begun to sell smart TVs with its software. Aside from providing all of the features of its popular devices, it also includes a screensaver that displays ads after inactivity to generate additional revenue. This screensaver will only appear when using the TV's software, not when using other systems via HDMI.

  • As spotted by Lowpass, Roku has filed a patent that will allow its TVs to monitor the signal from an HDMI device, such as a game console, and display Roku's screensaver when a connected system is inactive.

  • The patent also mentions the possibility of showing ads relevant to the content displayed via HDMI. For example, if a user was playing a sports game on Xbox and paused it for an extended period, Roku would show ads related to the sport featured in the game.

  • This patent has yet to be approved and even if it is Roku may never implement the feature. However, Lowpass notes that the company's financial results for the previous fiscal year show that it earned a massive $1.6 billion from its ads and services, so it may look to continue its success in this area.

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