Nintendo is cracking down on content relating to game mods and leaks

by Danny Craig  · 
Nintendo is cracking down on content relating to game mods and leaks

Nintendo has released the latest revision to its content guidelines, implying that the company will begin to target content containing elements that "cannot be used in regular gameplay."

The details:

  • On October 24, Nintendo updated its existing guidelines, adding to its Q&A section about what the company considers "unlawful, infringing, or inappropriate." According to the gaming giant, it is prepared to take action against pictures and videos that show "unauthorized game consoles and/or software not licensed by Nintendo, cheating, cracking, unauthorized access, circumvention of technical restrictions, unauthorized modification," as well as "video, images, sound sources, etc., that cannot be used in regular gameplay, extracted through game software via data mining or other methods."

  • Nintendo has a reputation for taking a tough stance against online content creators, with YouTube videos being removed for using any gameplay footage of its titles during the Wii U era, and even filing over 25 copyright claims against a YouTuber in April for creating a video about a Zelda: Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod.

  • The new guidelines may cause problems for companies that develop third-party systems to play older Nintendo games, such as Hyperkin and Analogue, and will almost certainly result in faster takedowns of leaked information and trailers for upcoming releases and updates to existing titles.

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