Life is Strange has surpassed 20 million lifetime players

by Danny Craig  · 
Life is Strange has surpassed 20 million lifetime players
Don't Nod

Life is Strange’s original developer, Don't Nod, has announced that the game has surpassed 20 million players since its 2015 release.

The details:

  • In a Thanksgiving post to fans on X, the studio expressed gratitude for Life is Strange's success in reaching 20 million lifetime players. "Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!" said the post, which was accompanied by a montage of in-game clips. “Something we are very grateful for - the original Life is Strange has hit over 20 million players! We want to thank each and every one of you for playing!”

  • In another post, co-creator Michel Koch personally thanked fans, saying that he and the team had no idea the game would reach 20 million people when creating its beloved characters. “20 millions players,” said Koch. “This is crazy. Never back then, when we were creating Max and Chloe, imagining Arcadia Bay, writing their stories, never would have I dreamed 20 millions persons would meet them and spend time with them! Thanks to all of you!”

  • Life is Strange is available on almost every modern platform, either in its original form or 2022 remaster, and has spawned an entire franchise with two sequels and a spin-off between Don't Nod and current developer Deck Nine. Don't Nod went on to create a number of other titles after Life is Strange 2, including the recently released Jusant.

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