Indie title Dave the Diver sells one million copies in 10 days

by Danny Craig  · 
Indie title Dave the Diver sells one million copies in 10 days

Following its release at the end of June, the single-player RPG has exploded in popularity, selling over a million copies between PC and Mac in less than two weeks.

The details:

  • Nexon-backed Mintrocket Studios revealed on July 11 that since the full release of its debut title on June 28, it has sold over a million units worldwide without the aid of its Nintendo Switch version, which is scheduled for later this year. The game also reached a peak of 98,480 players on July 9 and continues to hover around the 90,000 concurrent player mark during peak times, propelling it to the top of the Steam charts. The game is also available at a small discount as part of the ongoing Steam Summer Sale, which is likely adding to its massive success.
  • The player takes on the role of Dave (the diver), exploring the depths of the ocean and catching fish during the day before becoming a sushi restaurant manager at night. Similar to last year's indie hit Vampire Survivors, it appears that the game's balance of accessibility and complex gameplay has led to players becoming attached to it. So far, it has received an "overwhelmingly positive" rating on Steam, as well as an 89 average review score on OpenCritic, with many of its reviewers praising the game's story, mechanics, and 2.5D pixel art style.
  • Mintrocket promised fans in its announcement post that it would continue to improve the game and add new content in the future. Jaeho Hwang, the game's director, also thanked players for their feedback since the game's launch and early access period in 2022, which allowed systems to be tweaked. “I appreciate the community so much for being active and providing crucial feedback,” said Hwang in a statement following the announcement. “We improved a lot of systems and found bugs thanks to them. Thanks, everyone for being there with us on this journey!”

More gaming numbers:

  • Within its first month, Street Fighter 6 sold over 2 million copies, outselling its predecessor by over 700,000 units. The game has also been a critical success, with fans of the series praising it for its variety of single-player content after Street Fighter V's heavy emphasis on multiplayer-only game modes.
  • In Japan, the Nintendo Switch had its best June sales since its launch in 2017. The release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in May, as well as several high-profile Nintendo announcements, including two new Mario titles, are thought to have contributed to the sudden increase in sales.
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