Indie snowmobile sim "Sledders" set for early December release following Early Access

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Indie snowmobile sim "Sledders" set for early December release following Early Access
"Sledders" by Hanki Games

As winter draws near, indie game development studio Hanki Games is gearing up for the full release of "Sledders," a snowmobile simulator that combines realistic physics with the thrill of racing through open-world backcountries.

Currently available for trial on Steam Early Access, the game is slated for its complete launch on December 5th.

Sledders allows players to maneuver through deep snow, tackle mountains, and compete with friends to be the first to reach the peak, offering a competitive yet realistic snowmobiling experience.

During its Early Access phase, Sledders has carved out a niche among winter sports enthusiasts with its expansive 4x4 km map, which boasts steep mountains, dense forests, and wide-open spaces ready for the ultimate freeride experience.

The game's physics-based system challenges players to navigate treacherous terrains and perform jaw-dropping stunts, all while racing against fellow "sledheads" in the online multiplayer mode.

This early glimpse has been instrumental in shaping the game through community feedback, ensuring that the full version will meet the high expectations of its growing fan base.

With its official release just around the corner, Sledders promises to bring more than just a race to the peak. It's an invitation to snowmobile aficionados and gaming enthusiasts alike to join an ever-expanding world where the only limits are the players' skills and creativity.

As fans await the complete experience, they can still join the action in Early Access, helping to refine the game while securing their place in the burgeoning community of Sledders.

Hanki Games has also announced plans for a console release in the winter of 2024/25, aiming to bring the exhilarating world of snowmobile simulation to a broader audience.

You can check out Sledders on Steam Early Access and keep up with the game's development on its official website.

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